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Grinding Rods

Product Name:Grinding Rods

Product Details:

Characteristic: belonging to alloy wear resistant steel rod, wear-resistant effect of this wear-resistant steel rods is 4, 6 times of rolling steel rod, size can be adjusted according to customer needs, prolong the serv...
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Grinding Rods Features and Advantages:

Materials: Grinding rods can be customized according to customer's requirements
Application: mainly used for metallurgical and mining, cement plant, thermal power, chemical industry, etc.
Characteristics:Goldpro starts using the automatic production line of grinding rods, which can be quenched and tempered automatically. Meanwhile, Goldpro adopts advanced temperature control equipment and heat treatment equipment, to process self-developed raw materials.
Characteristics of Goldpro's grinding rods as follows:
High hardness, range is 45~55HRC
Low bending, less than 1.5mm/m
Dense microstructure , Bainite +Pearlite+Carbide
Low breakage rate, more than 15000 times/ 3.5m
Low unit consumption, 40% reduction compared to unprocessed round steel


Main Performance

Name Technology Size Materials Hardness Straigthness
Grinding Rods Patent 50mm-115mm Alloy steel 45-55HRC <1.5mm/m

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